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Frederick Wildman and Sons

"The Oval of Quality."


Frederick Wildman and Sons is a venerable boutique wine and spirits importer with a broad and diverse portfolio from across the world. We have been a key strategic and creative partner to the company since 2012. Our work with Frederick Wildman typically follows a pattern — when a brand in their portfolio is doing something notable or seeking new energy, Finch Brands is deployed. This relationship has extended across many key Wildman brands — including Folonari, El Coto de Rioja, Melini, Cavicchioli, Luigi Bosca, and more. Recently, we were honored to work on the Frederick Wildman and Sons brand itself.


The content of our work differs based on where the brand in question starts. For example, Folonari is an authentic Italian import that has fallen on hard times since its US heyday in the 1980s. We conducted extensive consumer research to reposition the brand for US consumers — finding that most Italian wines are cloaked in the ‘old world’ and that Folonari has an opportunity to embody the emotion of Italy, not just the heritage. The result — a strong and distinctive brand strategy punctuated by the ‘Amore Italia’ creative campaign — has resuscitated the brand. Other brand work has been like this — with a focus on unique positioning and creative expression across print advertising, consumer activation, channel communications, neckers, POP, outer shippers, and well beyond.


Our work together has strengthened the Wildman portfolio — El Coto has created momentum in the US based on its strength in Spain, Cavicchioli has capitalized on the prosecco craze via a ‘Roaring 20s’ celebratory creative platform, Melini has taken its rightful place as a leader in the chianti rebirth, etc. Across these brands — and in our work for the Wildman brand itself — Finch Brands has leveraged category and consumer expertise to give both the trade and consumer a reason to believe in Wildman and its brands.

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