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Building Brands For The Real World

Finch Brands is a close-knit team of curious and energetic businesspeople.

We bring a high ‘get it’ factor and relentless focus on impact. These qualities – and the wisdom that comes from operating experience and consulting excellence – enable us to build deep relationships and make client brands more powerful drivers of business performance.

Client-Focused From Day One

Finch Brands was founded in 1998 by executives instrumental in the ascent of IKEA and David’s Bridal. 

The original vision was to create the firm they wished they’d had when they were in our clients’ shoes – an end-to-end brand consulting powerhouse that seamlessly delivers actionable insight, breakthrough brand strategy, and irrepressibly creative design. 

Now, several decades in, we rally around a simple purpose:

To Help Brands Win When It
Matters Most.

A Bird’s Eye View

Our structure, culture, and mindset are informed by several core beliefs:

Because exceptional customer experiences can ONLY be delivered by an engaged and inspired workforce, our processes and deliverables position client teams as both information source and target audience.

Our work clearly needs to be excellent, but so must be the process that generates it. We are patient listeners and Boardroom-ready partners who earn and leverage relationship capital.

We center insights – formally and informally. We collect data and turn that data into genuine insight to progress client brands and businesses.

If it doesn’t ‘work,’ then what’s the point? While we elevate breakthrough strategic and design thinking, a thread of practicality links everything we do.

We prize operating experience in building and developing our teams – it makes us a better, more instinctive partner. Yet, at Finch Brands, ‘real-world’ is a mindset, not just a collection of bio points.

What’s In A Name?

We draw our name from Charles Darwin’s research on how the beaks of Finches reflect the adaptations that help species survive and thrive. It’s an apt metaphor for what we do – champion purposeful change for companies at key moments.

Champions of Purposeful Change

We’re a ‘real-world’ brand consultancy – we help companies at key moments clarify, strengthen, and activate the full potential of their brands and businesses. 

We didn’t just found a firm, we found each other. 

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