Finch Brands is a real-world brand consultancy.

We blend insight, intuition, and creativity to shape strategy and drive people
to action.

Finch Brands was founded in 1998 by executives instrumental in the ascent of IKEA and David’s Bridal. Their original vision was to create the firm they never could find when they were in our clients’ shoes – an end-to-end research, strategy, and design powerhouse.

Practical – yet provocative – we are champions of purposeful change both inside client businesses and in how they go to market. With insight at the center and impact always in mind, we serve clients across categories and all along the growth track.


As humans, we're wired to survive

We believe the future of business belongs to thrivalists...those who see the world differently, connect with customers on a human level, and find ways to adapt in the face of uncertainty or adversity.

Thrivalists ask bigger questions

They stretch further for provocative answers, weed out BS, and put customers at the center of everything they do.

We believe that talk is cheap

Outcomes in the real world speak louder than any dusty old binder on a shelf.

Insights are everything

We want to know everything there is to know about a customer so we can do things that haven't been done before.

We create beautiful things that work in the real-world.

We are champions of purposeful change who help clients evolve their brand and business with confidence and courage.

Beliefs In Action

Meet Our Team


The Story of Our Name

Surprise, surprise, our name, Finch Brands® is based on the spirit of evolution. Much of Charles Darwin's research during his world journey from 1831-1836 was conducted on the beaks of finches in the Galápagos Islands.

Darwin wondered about the change in shape of bird beaks from island to island. Finches became emblems of evolution. Our name reminds us that the forces that shape the natural world can be adapted to help our clients thrive in the real world.

A little birdie
wants to tell you...