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Data to Drive Decisions

We deliver trustworthy data and extract powerful insights with compelling storytelling to light the way forward.

Quantitative research yields statistically valid insights across larger data sets, enabling key decisions with confidence.

The impact of quant depends on the integrity of sampling and collection and the analytical rigor/creativity to wring every bit of value from the data.

At Finch Brands®, our expertise spans traditional and progressive survey design and deployment. Everything we do – from sampling to data cleaning – is geared towards generating data we can trust.

On the analytics side, we have a range of advanced quantitative research tools including the use of AI and other innovations to promote accuracy and efficiency.

In addition, we have perfected proprietary analytics approaches to ensure the data is clear and actionable.

While we offer the full spectrum of quantitative market research, several notable and frequently used approaches include:

  • Segmentation

    Using clustering and other advanced techniques to define and profile target audience segments.

  • Attitude & Usage

    Broad-based foundational learning about brands, categories, and target audiences.

  • Brand Tracking

    Ongoing brand health research at regular intervals to understand target audience and perceptual shifts.

  • Concept Testing

    Methods to test and enhance new product and service concepts using key measures, heat mapping, eye tracking, and more advanced techniques.

  • Market Opportunity/Valuation

    A data-driven way to define total addressable market and brand values.

  • Other Advanced Techniques

    Within and beyond the above, Finch Brands deploys analytics techniques such as TURF, MaxDiff, and other sophisticated stats approaches.

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Finch Brands listens well. We collect data and generate actionable insights to progress brands and businesses. We blend methodological creativity with a team-first approach to ensure that we wring every bit of actionable value from the data we collect.

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