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Clear Brand Relationships Create Value

Brand architecture promotes internal and external simplicity, efficiency, and focus. 

Optimizing brand architecture can be complex and has become a Finch Brands® specialty.

We work at every level – from the corporate identity in M&A/rebranding scenarios to streamlining product-level architecture to guide brand relationships.

We organize the branding structure of entities and portfolios – to promote clarity and strength while preserving brand equity.

When well-managed, brand architecture promotes internal unity, customer cohesion, and marketing efficiency. We define the end state and help clients get there.

Core philosophies guiding our work include:

Seek a Simple Solution

By defaulting to the fewest number of brands needed, but not too few that brand equity is destroyed. 

Create Internal Alignment/Cohesion

By using the architecture to forge a shared vision and clear swim lanes.

Drive Customer Connection & Logic

By seeing architecture through the customer’s eyes.

Solve Tomorrow’s Needs Too

By building a decision tree that works for future acquisition/incubation scenarios.

Maximize Cross-Sell

By considering sales team structure/cadence in designing brand relationships.

We define both the ideal Brand Architecture (steady state) and Brand Migration plan to purposefully get our clients from here to there.

It is important to base the brand architecture on data – so brand assessments are more systematic than subjective. Finch Brands then builds out multiple architecture options and uses a custom rubric/scoring to help decision-making.

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We define and document the core ideas on which high-performing brands are based. This includes a range of strategic planning elements – what brands mean, how complicated portfolios should be structured, and how internal/external stakeholders should be engaged and activated.

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