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While many qualitative insights partners skim the surface, we use traditional and projective market research techniques to understand the ‘why’ behind target audience behavior. 

Creative qualitative market research techniques enable us to understand the rational and emotional drivers of target audience decision-making.

To accomplish this, we pride ourselves on methodological excellence, skilled moderation, and advanced analytical frameworks.

At Finch Brands®, qualitative research includes traditional approaches

Focus GroupsIn-depth Interviews (IDI)Home/Store/Virtual EthnographiesHome Use Tests (HUT)Online JournalsOnline Bulletin Boards

In addition, we have pioneered new methodologies such as: 

  • Pop Up Insights Communities

    A temporary mini-panel of specially recruited respondents who complete video interviews, mobile missions, online journals, message board discussions, and more.

  • Bounce & Build™ Rapid Prototyping

    A high energy methodology to bring target audiences directly into iterative loops that rapidly refine brand, marketing and innovation ideas.

  • Brand Archetyping

    A sophisticated framework for brand personality development, measurement, and benchmarking that borrows from the work of legendary psychologist Dr. Carl Jung.

  • FocusShops™

    A progressive twist on focus groups using a real-life experience (retail store, live event, etc.) to stimulate a deep conversation.

  • Executive Chats

    An efficient, engaging, and productive way to bring client executives into direct contact with customers.

  • Mobile Missions

    Ride along with real customers on a virtual tour of their real world customer experience using mobile video technology.

When skillfully conducted, qualitative research is a critical component of exploratory research.

Our custom approaches ensure that qualitative market research delivers deeper insights to drive better outcomes.

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Finch Brands listens well. We collect data and generate actionable insights to progress brands and businesses. We blend methodological creativity with a team-first approach to ensure that we wring every bit of actionable value from the data we collect.

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