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Ten of Ten Signs It’s Time to Switch Insights Community Providers

Welcome to Insights for Impact by Finch Brands. I’m John Ferreira, Chief Insights Officer at Finch Brands. Today, we’re going to talk about sign #10 that it may be time to switch your insights community provider – and that’s stale technology.

The Risks of Complicated Insights Technology

Now for many years, one of the biggest issues within insights communities was partners under-investing in their technology platforms. Oftentimes, this would happen when insights community providers were acquired by either private equity or larger agencies and they didn’t plan to hold on to that company and grow it over the long term. 

It was intended to be a flip. In those situations, there’s little incentive to invest in the Insights technology platform over that 1, 2, 3, 4-year horizon. And those technology platforms would often fall behind the pack in the name of short-term profitability.

Leveraging AI for Insights Communities

Insights community technology has always been important. It’s more critical than ever today as the AI revolution is affecting market research.

Insights communities are now an essential tool for any customer-centric organization’s insights strategy and artificial intelligence strategy. If your insights community is not seeing regular investment and new features in this area, then you’re falling behind. 

Leverage Our Technologies for Cutting-Edge Research

Have you seen any exciting new features in the last year when it comes to your Insights community technology, such as progressive techniques and artificial intelligence?If that answer is no, then Finch Brands can help. We’re setting the standard for applying artificial intelligence in insights communities. Learn more by contacting our team or sending me a message on LinkedIn. I’d love to chat.

About The Author: John Ferreira

John Ferreira is Finch Brands’ Chief Insights Officer. Prior to joining us, he spent a decade at Campbell Soup Company in a mix of consumer insights and brand management roles. John is an expert across the entire research stack, with passion for communities, new technologies/methodologies, and how to bring insights to life.

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