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From data. To insights. To action. And beyond.

We translate data into genuine insight that strengthens organizations and brands.

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We’ve been behind the wheel of leading brands.

Our team has a long history of building, running, and growing successful brands. Client performance is what drives us.

Who We Are

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Elevating the spirit of boxing to motivate athletes of all kinds.

Focus Groups, Segmentation, Vision / Mission / Values, Brand Architecture, Brand Positioning, Target Personas, Innovation / Brand Stretch, Logo Design, Tagline / Copywriting, Packaging, Creative Campaign, Environmental Design

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Crafting a new concept in total pet care.

In-Depth Interviews, Concept Testing, Secondary Research, Brand Positioning, Brand Architecture, Target Personas, Logo Design, Tagline, Copywriting, Website and App Design, Environmental Design

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Building a hair accessories brand around feminine confidence.

Quantitative Surveys, Focus Groups, Brand Positioning, Brand Architecture, Logo, Tagline, Packaging Design and POP, Product Innovation, Creative Campaign, Video, Print

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Come fly with us.

Finch Brands is about big ideas at big junctures for brands seeking to accelerate profitable growth. We've been in our clients' shoes - being accountable for brand performance - and we know what it takes.

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Turning ‘geek’ from a pejorative noun into an energetic verb.

Focus Groups, Segmentation, Concept Testing, Brand Positioning, Brand Architecture, Innovation / Brand Stretch, Target Personas, Vision / Mission / Values, Logo Design, Tagline / Copywriting, Packaging, Environmental Design

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Looking ‘inside’ to find the beating heart of a functional category.

Brand Strategy, Tagline Development, Brand Guidelines, Campaign Development, Brand Book, Video Direction, Signage Design, Packaging Design

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What’s New

Shopping for Success - Jon Kramer

Jon Kramer, Managing Director at JMK solutions, joins us this week to share his early objectives and eventual career arc that has led him to be an expert in the realm of shopper marketing.

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The Human Brand - Chris Malone

Chris Malone is the co-author of The Human Brand. Following three years of research, Chris explains how social psychology and the way we interact with humans mirrors how we interact with brands, products, and companies.

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