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Make the Brand A Driver of M&A Value

We help leaders navigate the complexity and opportunity of M&A – from strategy through identity through migration, we chart a winning course and get you there.

We often manage the M&A branding workstream around key transactions.

We also work with those who've made (or are considering) a string of acquisitions and need a more strategic approach to brand integration.

To activate the full potential of a merger or acquisition, leadership teams must seize opportunity and manage risk across a range of dimensions.

Within this endeavor, branding is a critical – and often overlooked – workstream.

M&A brand strategy branding is the process of defining the core elements of the go forward brand(s) and navigating the path to get there.

  • Research

    To assess market-level perceived brand strengths and internal cultural anchors so that we can identify risks and opportunities.

  • Strategic Topics

    Such as Purpose/Mission/Values, brand positioning, target market, and brand architecture so that the approach elevates the business now and in the future.

  • Creative Elements

    Such as name, logo, and aesthetic so the emergent brand is faithful to the deal thesis and market opportunity.

  • Executional Roadmaps

    Such as how the brand can be most effectively launched/nurtured internally and externally as well as how existing equity can be effectively migrated if the right path sunsets one or more legacy brands.

The right answer in any given case is situational.

Our commitment is a thoughtful yet decisive plan that captures the nuances of client companies, cultures, categories, and customers. Finch Brands is there for the entire journey – to listen and to lead.

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We define and document the core ideas on which high-performing brands are based. This includes a range of strategic planning elements – what brands mean, how complicated portfolios should be structured, and how internal/external stakeholders should be engaged and activated.

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