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Our relationship with Finch has grown from research partner to a true extension of our Insights team. From building our Nest customer community to expanding our understanding of our target consumer through research and innovation activities like Bounce and Builds, we have been able to create a richer, more emotionally resonant picture of our customer’s lives, priorities and unique challenges.

Finch has also helped us to drive actionable outcomes in our business through their deep understanding of our objectives and goals as an organization. Their partnership has been invaluable in helping us to build an internal culture of customer-centered growth.

Trish Wethman, Chief Customer Officer, Best Egg

As KUSTOM grew by acquisition, we needed a partner to help us build and execute a model for how to successfully integrate acquired brands. Not only did Finch Brands accomplish this in ways that strengthened KUSTOM, but they also helped prepare our brand to compete on a national level. We were impressed by their energy level and the quality of their work. They truly get M&A – and all the emotional and practical considerations that go along with it.

Andy Zavodney, Chairman & CEO, KUSTOM

Finch's work has brought tremendous value to F&S Fresh Foods. Their corporate identity refresh, brand architecture update, culture evolution, and innovation strategy with Garden Pure have had a profound impact on our business, resulting in increased sales, improved employee satisfaction, and a stronger market position. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Finch as we strive for even greater success.

Melissa Mackay, Former VP, Marketing, F&S Foods

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