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Powering A Healthcare Revolution


Under the auspices of private equity powerhouse Warburg Pincus, two leading MedTech companies – DocuTAP and Practice Velocity – merged.

As with most M&A branding work, the process had to follow the deal flow – which meant brisk timelines and a balance of inclusion and discretion. We were engaged as a workstream within the integration process.

In this case, the companies were direct competitors – which led to an even greater than usual focus on cultural integration and overall cohesion.

Both were leaders in providing EMR to urgent cares. The new name draws from key concepts like 'expert' and 'experience,' with the '-ity' suffix conveying energy.


We leveraged the input of leadership (of both companies) and the urgent care marketplace to build a visionary brand that positions Experity as a change agent.

While brisk – as reflected the deal flow – we conducted research with teammates and clients to fuel the work. From there, we facilitated a leadership initiative to craft Purpose, Mission, and Values and develop the Experity name, logo, and aesthetic. We then rolled this out – in collaboration with the Experity team – across the communications assets that matter most. 

Identity Creation

The Experity identity was crafted to prioritize technology while maintaining a steadfast dedication to humanity by depicting a figure in the logo. This further symbolizes a convergence, emphasizing the importance of keeping medical clients connected not only to essential data and each other but also to their patients.

Brand Messaging

The following positioning statement encapsulates Experity’s intent:

As healthcare becomes more consumer-driven, patients are expecting – and visionary providers are delivering – more. More flexibility. Better experiences. Greater transparency. Patients expect clinical excellence – but increasingly, on their own terms. And wherever you find progressive, positive patient experiences, you’ll find Experity.

We blend a clinician’s heart with an engineer’s soul. Our EMR, billing, and practice management solutions help urgent care providers deliver on the promise of people-first healthcare. So our clients can build stronger companies. So their patients can experience better outcomes. So we all can enjoy healthier communities.

This is a new day in healthcare. This is Experity.

Real-World Results


The Experity brand launched in April 2019 – and the company has experienced record growth every year since. While multi-faceted, leadership credits the energy and clarity of the branding process as a key component of the successful merger and subsequent performance.

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