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Data only matters if it is actionable 

Bringing design to data increases our clients’ return on insights (ROI).

In research, data visualization and socialization often make the difference between a dusty old binder on a shelf versus work that truly helps an organization.  

That’s why Finch Brands® centers data visualization. The power of research is in how it’s applied – and design can help non-researchers and other stakeholders better understand the ‘what,’ the ‘so what,’ and the ‘now what.’  

Having an internal data visualization team ensures that our day-to-day deliverables are crisp and informative, but it also gives our clients the opportunity to shine by delivering something extra.  

Data visualization/socialization deliverables include: 

  • Executive Summaries

    Beautifully designed decks for executive audiences beyond the core research team.  

  • Customer Journeys

    Progressive infographics and visualization of the steps target audiences take.

  • Motion Graphics

    Narrated, lovingly designed video content to bring key insights to life for internal/external audiences.

  • Live Motion Video

    From key insights to explainers to brand anthems, our video content brings key concepts to life.

  • Personas

    A fully designed rendering of target audiences and their psychodemographic nuances.

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