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The Philadelphia Branding Leader

Philadelphia is known for its fighting spirit, and it’s this spark that fuels us to help local brands win when it matters most. As a brand consultancy, our insight-driven approach to design helps distinguish us from traditional branding agencies in Philadelphia.

Building Brands in the City of Brotherly Love

Across our 20+ year history, much has changed about Finch Brands. One thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to growing companies in the Philadelphia region. While we’ve evolved from a regional branding agency to a premier boutique brand consultancy, our focus on helping local Philadelphia clients grow remains a passion for our team.

How We're Different from Branding Agencies

While many branding agencies fake their way through research, our team of sophisticated insights professionals blends all of the capabilities of a best-in-class market research firm under one roof with brand strategy and design. 

Much of our team hails from the client side so we “get” business, the politics of decision making in large firms with diverse boards, and the need for strategy to be actionable. 

From senior-led engagement teams to the fact that we structure engagements with flat rates that encourage maximum client collaboration, our processes are designed with our clients’ needs in mind. 

As former brand and business leaders, we understand that strategy only matters if it’s well-executed and that client results are our only scorecard. We don't chase agency awards. We chase your objectives. 

Can Your Philadelphia Branding Agency Do This?

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