Gain deeper knowledge through our adaptive insights™ communities. See the world through your customer's eyes.

The Leading Adaptive Insights™ Community Solution

Create an agile, ‘always on’ connection to your audiences with FinchSight® insights communities.

An insights community is a private research group – built from the audiences that matter most, it uses advanced technology to inform a wide range of business decisions at a rapid pace.

Insights communities turn market research from a string of often disconnected projects into an integrated program that builds on itself and delivers meaningful time and investment efficiencies. Our insights community offering – FinchSight – is fundamentally different. We combine market leading full-service support with leading-edge technology.​

We blend team and tech to get smarter every day and enhance our clients’ return on their insights investments.

Whether you seek to launch an insights community for the first time or switch providers to accomplish more, FinchSight is an adaptive insights community solution.

Solving Clients’ Biggest Pain Points With Communities

As former client-side researchers and brand strategists, we designed FinchSight to solve 10 key frustrations we felt when we were clients of leading insights community providers.

FinchSight® insights communities are smarter, simpler, and more effective.

A Team-First Approach

Our experienced researchers and strategists deliver market research excellence, collaborative energy, and a natural curiosity to better understand your market and your business.

Leading Edge Market Research Tech

We leverage the market’s most dynamic, feature-rich community platform, including ever-expanding use of AI and other innovations.

A Flexible Engagement Model

We accommodate full-service, hybrid, and DIY client work styles to deliver everything clients need and nothing they don’t, including ongoing and temporary ‘pop-up’ communities.

A Full-Scale, Full-Spectrum Research Capability

For robust qual and quant using advanced methodologies with sample sizes that transcend the limits common to other providers.

Data Visualization for Storytelling

The Finch Brands design team ensures that data comes to life for key client stakeholders so they can understand the story and take decisive action.

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Finch Brands listens well. We collect data and generate actionable insights to progress brands and businesses. We blend methodological creativity with a team-first approach to ensure that we wring every bit of actionable value from the data we collect.

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