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Winning Brands Are Built ‘Inside Out’

We document and disseminate core brand ideas inside client organizations – often, where it matters most.

Finch Brands® believes that an engaged and educated workforce is a necessary precondition of brand strength in the marketplace.

As such, our brand consulting practice extends to internal applications – which are fundamental to cultural and economic success. We support clients in moments of transition and opportunity – so that all teammates ‘live the brand,’ resulting in unity of purpose and deliberate culture-building.

We develop content and tools for employees to truly ‘live the brand.’

To engage and inspire teammates, a brand’s core principles must be clear, well-socialized and inspiring. From culture to talent attraction, we help clients make progress.

Our range of internal brand consulting services includes:

  • Purpose, Mission, & Values

    A tried-and-true process to rally around and document the core ideas on which high-performing brands are based.

  • Employer Value Proposition (EVP)

    A research-based framework to define and enhance talent attraction efforts.

  • Internal Campaigns

    We craft and design internal communications campaigns from key annual themes to the entire range of assets needed.

  • Brand Education

    In rebranding or M&A integration moments, we develop key internal artifacts such as brand books, ‘swag,’ environmental/signage, and training curricula.

Activate the full potential of the brand as a cultural anchor.

Given the importance to internal teams of brands that educate and inspire, Finch Brands provides a full range of insights, strategy, and design capabilities.

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We define and document the core ideas on which high-performing brands are based. This includes a range of strategic planning elements – what brands mean, how complicated portfolios should be structured, and how internal/external stakeholders should be engaged and activated.

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