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Purpose, Mission, Values- Building Inside Out

March 3, 2022

Purpose, Mission, Values- Building Inside Out

Change. How you Evolve. 

We believe that the best brands are built inside out – an engaged and informed team is highly motivated to deliver a compelling customer experience. And that starts with a strong foundation. When the team’s sense of purpose is aligned with the company’s purpose, you have what it takes to truly ‘live the brand.’

When a company’s Purpose, Mission, and Values are thoughtfully crafted and well-socialized, teammates’ heartbeat and the company’s pulse are synchronous. This allows everyone to work inflow and reduce the friction that impedes breakthrough thinking and positive energy. The goal of a company’s Purpose, Mission, and Values is to ensure everyone feels a resonant “why” that underlies the “what” we do each day. They become a roadmap to help organizations track their progress and achieve goals – and guide decisions, inspire employee engagement, and drive business performance. 

Change. With Purpose. 

Our purpose is our North Star. It answers ‘why’ we do what we do and what we are working towards. It shapes the future of who we are and what we will become. A great Purpose starts from within and is made clear so teammates feel connected and engaged. 

At Finch Brands, our Purpose is:
To help brands win when it matters most.purpose

Finch Brands is a real-world brand consultancy. We help companies at key moments clarify, strengthen, and activate the full potential of their brands and businesses. Practical – yet provocative – we are champions of purposeful change both inside client businesses and in how they go to market. We are especially valuable at key moments that ‘matter most.’

Agents of Change. Partners in Transformation- Mission 

Our mission informs our daily decisions and allows us to live into our Purpose. It keeps us focused on what, who, and how we can make constant progress. This is where the inherent elements and attributes that drive our company and distinctiveness live.

At Finch Brands, our Mission is:

We leverage deep curiosity, a real-world mindset, and a uniquely collaborative work style to champion purposeful change for client brands and businesses. mission

As a company, our deep ‘curiosity’ about brands, people, and business fuels everything we do. No matter the destination, our insights work yields a core set of facts that light the way for our clients’ brand and business development journey. Always curious, we use data for illumination to guide the work that follows.

Our ‘real world’ mindset is driven by beginning with the end in mind and balancing the practical with the inspirational. We are deeply focused on outcomes- and we bring a high ‘get it’ factor to work every day. We believe process is just as important as content. Building strong, mutually respectful relationships with key client stakeholders ensures we benefit from internal input while building the trust required to champion purposeful change- both inside our client companies and as they go to market.

The unique ‘collaborative’ workstyle is combining our individual strengths to unify as a company and make our work stronger. Within an environment of seeking and sharing feedback, we challenge ourselves to constantly improve and evolve what we do best. We are flexible, high touch, and high impact – focused on long-term relationships and providing wise counsel within distinctively trustful client relationships.

All three of these elements combined help us champion purposeful change.


If Purpose is ‘why’ and Mission is ‘how’, our Values reflect ‘how we do it’- and they keep us aligned. These action-oriented philosophies elevate the attitudes and behaviors that unify us as Finches and make all the differences to our culture and performance. We’ve established our Values as behaviors that help us accomplish our Purpose and Mission- they are the heart and soul of what life is like ‘in the Nest’ and in our client relationships.

While related, these Values have different meanings when applied to our shared experience as teammates (‘in the Nest’) and our work with clients (‘in the real world’). We strive to live these in and out.

Our values are:

  • Create Positive Energy
  • Care Deeply About Outcomes
  • Find Opportunity in the Uncomfortable
  • Be a Driver Not a Passenger
  • Seek and Share Feedback
  • Have Each Others’ Backs

Screen Shot 2022-02-28 at 4.30.59 PM

Setting the tone is our focus on creating positive energy. Energy levels are contagious, and a great culture is for the making and the taking. It all starts with attitude.

Caring deeply about outcomes is a declaration of what matters. Our individual and collective advancement, our clients’ business performance – we live for impact, and we all have a role to play in achieving it.

Finding the opportunity in the uncomfortable is about growth and thinking through the ways to push ourselves to the next level. If you’re always in your comfort zone, you’re not challenging yourself, adapting, or learning something new. The same goes for client relationships – we thrive on new categories and distinctive challenges.

Being a driver, not a passenger is about leadership – not rigid or hierarchical, we all have the responsibility to lead. That’s what purposeful, positive change requires. Brands that effectively adapt to the ever-changing environment don’t just survive, they thrive. That same mentality pervades our culture – being content to take a back seat deprives our teammates and clients of each individual’s capacity to make magic!

Seeking and sharing feedback goes hand-in-hand with a uniquely collaborative work style. Success and feedback go hand-in-hand and through feedback we are constantly improving our skills individually and as a unit. We believe that accountability is our opportunity and responsibility.

Having each others’ backs is the glue that keeps us together and when one of us wins, we all win. Each one of us needs one another – and our clients rely on us to provide support in meaningful ways at especially key moments.

Purpose, Mission, and Values must be more than plaques on a wall or a slide in the onboarding deck. At Finch Brands, we have centered these ideas and they are integrated into how we hire, train, reward, and deliver.

When our teammates live the brand, our clients will love the brand. And that creates opportunity for all. As we’ve grown and evolved, these elements have both shaped and adapted to the company we are striving to build. It is the centrality of these ideas to the Finch Brands experience that leads us to advocate so strongly for our clients to elevate their own set of fundamental ideas – we’ll be there to help shape and operationalize a purpose-driven spirit.

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