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Building Brands That Engage & Grow 

We bring brands to life through exceptional design – from identity all the way downstream. 

At Finch Brands®, strategy and execution are inextricably linked.

Because strategy without execution is useless. And execution without strategy is aimless.

Our brand identity and design team crafts each brand’s aesthetic to reflect the nuances of its company, category, and customer.

We’re proud that Finch Brands doesn’t have a ‘look’ – because the brands we work on are yours, not ours.

In terms of brand identity, our work often includes:

  • Name Development

    Our iterative process is fueled by brand strategy and irrepressible creativity, yet it also incorporates preliminary legal screening to manage downside risk and promote 

  • Logo Development

    In designing logo systems, we start broadly by delivering a ‘taste test’ of different ways in (from ‘mild to wild’) and use brand strategy and client feedback to iterate to completion.

  • Creative Concept

    We translate the brand strategy into the core aesthetic principles that express brand personality and drive tactical design applications, achieving perfect alignment visually.

  • Brand Standards

    Because winning brands are powerful AND consistent, we develop guidelines to manage and support the efforts of all who play a role in brand expression.  


We bring ideas to life creatively – from identity all the way downstream, online and off – to help brands engage those who matter most.

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