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Building a plant-based brand from the ground up


With a foothold in the Asian market under the ‘Nature Soy’ brand name, Keystone Natural Holdings sought to build a broad plant-based protein brand for the mainstream consumer.  

Having purchased a low-awareness brand with limited distribution (‘Franklin Farms’), KNH engaged Finch Brands for an end-to-end brand creation initiative. This included defining the consumer target, positioning the brand to seize widespread opportunity, and crafting look and feel across all the touch points that matter. 


Through qualitative and quantitative consumer research, we defined a consumer profile – the ‘Flexitarian.’

To serve this consumer, we built the Franklin Farms brand – an approachable, contemporary portfolio across key plant-based categories such as veggie burgers, tofu, and more. We crafted the entire brand suite – from visual identity to packaging to website to templates for wholesale sales.

Brand Persona - The Flexitarian

Natalie is not committed to a strict plant-based lifestyle, but wants to make progressive nutritional decisions meal-by-meal and benefit from the benefits of plant-based protein without sacrificing taste or easy prep. She is a 32-year old working mom with a young daughter and busy husband.

Brand Messaging

The old saying is that ‘life is what you make it.’ So why not make it smart AND adventurous? Of equal parts wisdom and energy. With inspirations both classic and modern. So you can achieve balance as well as fun. And be of good health and great taste.

If life it what you make it, why not make it Franklin Farms? We’ve crafted a range of plant-based protein products that span day parts, meal types, and taste profiles.

From end-to-end, Franklin Farms makes cooking with and eating plant-based proteins easy and delicious. So that we can help you make the life you want.

Real-World Results


Franklin Farms has evolved from regional to national distribution across grocery and mass channels – and a devoted consumer following. Far less important, is the Silver Addy award our team received for the Franklin Farms packaging suite.

Redefining An Existing Brand?

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