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Renovating a leadership hair accessories brand


Finch Brands was engaged to evaluate the hair accessories category and set forth a strategic and creative plan to activate Scünci’s full potential.​

The brand, owned by Conair, had declining sales and no real emotional connection with the youthful, active female demographic it sought.​

​Our work, fueled by a robust insights process, refined the brand strategy around the notion of ‘confidence’ – leading to a tagline 
‘Ü Got This.’

We turned consumer data into easily socialized tools for the team and retail partners.


Our work started with a qualitative and quantitive consumer research process – this led to a brand strategy elevating ‘confidence’ as the core brand idea.

From there, we refreshed the brand logo and color scheme, redesigned the product architecture and packaging, and developed a creative campaign to support brand launch at Walmart (an exclusive line this project helped earn for Conair). The process led to such strength and clarity that we were invited to visit Walmart and Target with Conair to share consumer data and participate in line reviews and annual planning.

We redefined the product architecture and packaging to better reflect customer use cases and elevate the brand at shelf.

Real-World Results


In the first 2 years post brand launch, the Scünci brand experienced a 16% CAGR – it regained category leadership, strengthened key retailer relationships, and energized consumer marketing.

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