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Mastering a complex m&a branding process


Finch Brands led the branding workstream for the merger of FXI and Innocor, creating a $2 billion company with 30% of the North American foam market and 4,000 team members.

Beyond the complexity of inputs and outputs, there was a need for the emergent entity to be well-positioned to seize opportunity in bedding and other ‘comfort’ categories (which were driving foam growth).

Given the size and scope, our task was enormous – to engage internal and external stakeholders, develop a forward-looking brand platform, and coordinate all pre- and post- Day 1 activities across touchpoints. Beyond this complexity, the deal required FTC approval. With timing uncertain, flexibility was a must.

Deals of this nature often involve balancing comprehensive needs against compressed timelines.

Our process included broad internal and external stakeholder input, the development of a forward-looking brand strategy, and creation of just about every needed communications element – from Purpose, Mission, and Values to visual identity to new HQ design to all Day 1 downstream touchpoints. We accomplished this against a backdrop of regulatory and cultural uncertainty.


In a complex M&A situation — across a vast network of teams and locations — we had to make important decisions to shape the brand.

We pursued a ‘stronger horse’ identity strategy by elevating the FXI name as the master brand, and our initial planning focused on internal culture and client communication. To bring everyone together, we introduced 'Innovation You Can Feel' as the core brand idea and created a range of artifacts to galvanize the team around the new approach.

We positioned ‘The New FXI’ as a leader in comfort technology with a new tagline.

We crafted a contemporary brand aesthetic based on the cellular pattern of foam.

We engaged Finch Brands at a key time to work on a very important initiative as we introduced FXI more fully to the broader market. FXI’s merger with Innocor was complex and fast-moving – and Finch Brands delivered. We were impressed with their research, strategy, and design work and, perhaps just as importantly, they displayed a deft touch when it came to managing key stakeholders, overcoming obstacles, and adapting to the inevitable twists and turns of the M&A process.

Bob Olsen Former Chief Marketing Officer, FXI

Real-World Results


Upon FTC approval, the new FXI brand launched – without a hitch – in February 2020. Early returns – both culturally and financially – are very positive and our work with FXI continues.

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