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The Voice of the Company️®

If the best brands are built ‘inside-out,’ it’s important to have a pulse on employee sentiment.

Finch Brands® believes that an engaged and educated workforce is a necessary precondition of brand strength in the marketplace.

For this reason, we frequently support our clients with internal data collection and analysis. These insights inform leadership communications/policies in change moments (like M&A) and in an ongoing way for medium/large enterprises.

Our employee research practice – The Voice of the Company® – leverages our entire qualitative and quantitative research toolkit and can take the form of standalone project(s) and/or ongoing or time-limited employee insights communities.

We capture, manage, and filter the ‘Voice of the Company’ – from the frontline to the back office.

Ongoing employee research helps a company – while engaging its workforce. Through projects or communities, internal insights are key.

Studying employee sentiment in moments of change – or more generally – can activate our clients’ most valuable asset

Change Management & Culture

Qualitative and quantitative research that tracks sentiment across key initiatives such as M&A integration.

Employer Value Proposition

An internal/external research blend that studies how a company is perceived by recent hires and high-potential candidates.

Employee Engagement Tracking

Ongoing cultural health research to measure the sentiments of employees over time.

Frontline Research/Community

A research pool of frontline employees (retail, call center, etc.) to study marketing effectiveness and get early reads on target audience reactions through the eyes of the frontline.

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Finch Brands listens well. We collect data and generate actionable insights to progress brands and businesses. We blend methodological creativity with a team-first approach to ensure that we wring every bit of actionable value from the data we collect.

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