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Branding the ‘Uber’ of propane tanks


AmeriGas, the leader in propane, identified an opportunity to offer propane tank delivery to make tank exchange easier and more timely.

In launching this new service, Finch Brands was engaged to build the brand from scratch while also defining its role in the AmeriGas brand architecture.

Given the promise of this service to transform tank exchange from drop-off at a dusty old gas station to a sleek, tech-enabled experience, the brand needed to deliver a powerful message.

We uncovered positioning opportunities that led to consumer-driven messaging and informed brand creation.


We determined that the brand should have a standalone identity while simultaneously drawing strength and credibility from the AmeriGas brand.

Starting with consumer research to validate interest in the service and uncover positioning opportunities, we set out to craft brand elements. The data helped lead to messaging highlighting freedom and ease of use. This was then infused into naming and visual identity and then we carried the look and feel all the way downstream into digital design, vehicle wraps, and apparel.

We named the brand ‘Cynch’ to convey ease of use while connecting to ‘cylinders,’ the industry term for portable propane tanks.

The logo introduces a flame icon – to reflect the predominant grilling use case – while anchoring Cynch to AmeriGas brand equity. The ‘line work’ that forms the core of the look/feel conveys technology and simplicity – and is conducive to broad execution across web, vehicles, apparel, and beyond.

Brand Messaging

‘Having people over was such a great idea at the time, but now I have to actually make it happen. Cleaned the house. Check. Grocery trip for food and booze. Check. What am I forgetting? Seriously, what am I forgetting?!’

We’ll make sure it’s not the propane. With Cynch, the propane delivery service from AmeriGas, you’ll neither run out nor have to run out. No more wondering how low the tank has gotten. No more frantic trips to dusty gas stations to lug a new tank home. No more embarrassing mid-cook surprises.

With Cynch, you can plan ahead. With Cynch, you can enjoy the day. With Cynch, you’re Free to Be.

Real-World Results


In the first year of launch, Cynch expanded into 14 geographic markets and doubled its tank goal. This success has fueled the brand's ongoing commitment to innovation and diversification thus allowing them to expand offerings to include solutions designed to meet commercial needs. Cynch's footprint continues to grow in the propane category.

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