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Transforming A Community Starting with U


UWBC faced the erosion of workplace giving, demographic shifts in their region, and other changes in donor attitudes. They need to redefine UWBC’s role and connect with a new generation of donors and giving styles.

​Starting with current/prospective donor research, we sought to build on the organization’s history while broadening and contemporizing its value proposition. The central thread became the ability of each of us to make a local, lasting impact in Berks County by empowering the United Way to identify and address the county’s most pressing and ever-evolving challenges.

We launched a brand campaign to highlight UWBC's impact on Berks County life, sparking curiosity and excitement across various platforms. Our goal is to inspire engagement and convert passive observers into active participants.


From stakeholder research, through brand strategy, and into design, our goal was to ‘wake up’ the UWBC brand and build engagement.

The global United Way brand is widely known yet neither vibrant nor well understood – we sought to change this at the local level. Research helped us understand incoming perceptions and build a communications approach that is relevant to everyday philanthropic interests, appealing to multiple segments, and inspiring to all who care about Berks County.

Big Idea


Never underestimate the power of one. With our experience, expertise and community connections, United Way of Berks County magnifies, multiplies and maximizes the impact of every donation. No contribution is too small to make a difference. United Way of Berks County’s unique approach and partnerships mean you can make a huge impact. And it all starts with you.​

The main design element is a progressive collage – an apt visual metaphor for UWBC's mission of bringing people together to support the community. Just as diverse elements come together cohesively in a collage, UWBC unites individuals from various backgrounds and talents, creating a vibrant tapestry of community support.

Real-World Results


Launched in late 2023, this work unified the Board, staff, donor, and volunteer base – while results will be achieved over the next several years, this campaign is an energetic new anchor for UWBC’s communications.

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