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A Wealth of Perspective


Balentine, a leading independent wealth manager with deep roots in the southeast, sought to refresh their brand presentation and create greater distinctiveness – to match their unique approach and impressive track record.

Balentine serves high net worth families and, increasingly, institutional investors. While inclusive, the firm desired for its brand to reflect the high-touch service it provides as it plays a broad role equivalent to ‘family CFO’ for its clients. Additionally, Balentine has a special focus on ‘first generation wealth,’ which typically means supporting clients through the entrepreneurial lifecycle of growth/exit. Thus, it is important to convey the wise counsel that results from this expertise.


We channeled the voice of the firm’s leaders/team and client base and used this foundation to inspire the messaging and creative process.

With data as fuel, the brand platform revolves around the core message ‘A Wealth of Perspective,’ which captures both Balentine’s heritage and the role it plays for clients. Far from a stock-picker, this enables Balentine to lean into its full-cycle support and financial sophistication. Creatively, we use the metaphor of a tree – with deep strong roots as the foundation and many branches/leaves to suggest broad support, the ability to flourish amid complexity, and a unified network of expertise. Other design choices – font, colors, etc. – are intended to balance intimacy with scale. The overall effect is a brand that is high integrity and approachable – and deeply human, reflecting the firm’s strong culture and employee ownership.

Propelling Legacy

The work included a full range of assets – from logo and standards through website and other communications materials. The communications focus is on ‘legacy,’ which is found in how Balentine helps its clients accumulate and purposefully deploy wealth in accordance with their values.

Real-World Results


Balentine now looks and feels like what it is – a growing, award-winning, deeply trusted counselor to those seeking to build a legacy. We can’t wait to see how the future of this amazing brand and business unfolds.

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