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On The Leading Edge


In February of 2022, Limelight Networks acquired Yahoo’s Edgecast. This transaction prompted the need for a rapid brand development process to create the new company.

As a merger of equals and two businesses in transition, leadership sought to position ‘NewCo’ at the forefront of the emerging edge computing space. Thus, the brand needed to leverage existing strengths while laying a foundation for continued energy and growth. And, all of this needed to be accomplished quickly to align with deadlines for key capital markets events.

Limelight completed the acquisition of Yahoo’s Edgecast in 2022 creating Edgio, a global leader in edge-enabled solutions.


To ensure key communications vehicles were available at launch, we front-loaded foundational deliverables – naming, logo, and first generation website.

We then set out to craft brand elements – starting with naming and visual identity and then carrying the look and feel all the way downstream.

Identity Creation

We decided the best approach would be new brand creation and defined the new identity ‘Edgio’ – a short, punchy definition of self that leans into their edge leadership and energetic future.

The Edgio brand leverages large impact statements and abstract imagery. Together these elements speak to the ability to deliver content with speed, security and scale worldwide. 

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