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Going beyond the squared-circle.


In 2003, having acquired their major competitors, sports entertainment powerhouse World Wrestling Entertainment was challenged by the question of “what now” as well as declining ratings and Pay-Per-View buys. Seeking to understand their changing fan landscape and uncover key growth strategies, WWE tag-teamed with Finch Brands.


In-depth discoveries with senior management drove one-on-one interviews with fan and non-fan segments across three major national markets. With a wealth of validated consumer and market insight, we focused our recommendations on fan acquisitions and retention strategies, brand positioning, and corporate priorities.


With a reinforced brand structure, WWE broadened its appeal and evolved its brand. The results—record annual revenues, expansion of its multifaceted franchise and continued market dominance as one of the best-known global entertainment brands. Since this initial engagement, we have worked with WWE on nine other occasions, getting the call whenever a particularly important business issue requires special strategic insight.

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