A Better Customer Experience Means a Stronger Brand

As a real-world brand consultancy, Finch Brands has partnered with many leading brands to study, document, and transform key elements of their customer experience. Investments in CX optimization are investments in a stronger brand.

Key CX Principles

Break Down Silos

As opposed to Customer Service (which is a defined function), the entire organization ‘owns’ Customer Experience - as such, functions such as R&D (product), Sales, and Marketing are important CX stakeholders and choreographers.

Map It

Building customer journey maps that include thinking around the ‘function’ and ‘feeling’ of each touchpoint can help identify areas of opportunity and importance.

Track It

Given that CX is about putting customers at the center, it’s essential to include customer voices - we favor the on demand insights capability that a FinchSight community enables.

Institutionalize It

As noted elsewhere on this site, organizations that truly value ‘Customer Centricity’ elevate its ideas to the level of Purpose, Mission, and Values.

Select Blogs About Customer Experience

Customer Centricity Round Table

Tune in today on Real-World Branding Podcast for a special treat this week! Finch Brands' very own John Ferreira, SVP, Insights and Innovation, and Tim DeGennaro, AVP Insights Communities, join us today for the Customer Centricity Round Table.

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One Big Idea: The Customer Journey is Marketing

In this episode, Bill discusses why the customer journey is essential to fostering brand advocacy and also why some corporate structures and/or attitudes hold brands back.

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One Big Idea: Respect the Consumer

For marketers, success hinges upon making a connection with the consumer. No matter what market, product, service, or story, we must understand and, above all, respect the consumer. In this episode, Bill examines how respect builds brand authenticity, shapes brand strategy, and delivers results in the real world.

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Can’t Hear Your Customers? You Probably Need to be More Customer-Centric

Are you really listening to your customers? Or are you just tracking the easy stuff like NPS and going on with business as usual?

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