Top Innovation Consulting Firm Energizes the Innovation Process

Many factors constrain companies’ innovation efforts – and it’s rarely a lack of ideas. Some companies wrongly focus on “what can we sell” rather than on “what does our customer need?” Others fail to prioritize among many growth territories. Others can’t execute.

Fueled by experience at companies such as Campbell Soup and Kimberly-Clark, Finch Brands’ team of innovation consultants uses advanced frameworks to define customer needs, prioritize ideas, and craft product and brand launch strategies.

Key Innovation Principles

Drive to Brand Clarity

Most new products are launched within existing brands, so it’s essential to understand existing brand equity and where brands have a right to extend and play.

Shift from Product-Led to Customer-Led Innovation

Define unmet customer needs as a point of departure – as opposed to basing innovation on what R&D says it can make.

Consider Category Dynamics

The right growth strategy is heavily influenced by category dynamics that must be studied and understood.

Innovation Requires Cross-Functional Planning

Finch Brands builds innovation processes and collaborates closely with client team members across functions – so you can ‘plan the work and work the plan.’

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