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Building Momentum

September 29, 2015

Today, we are proud to announce the promotion of John Ferreira to the position of SVP/GM. In this role, John will oversee the totality of the Finch Brands work product and guide the people and processes that enable its excellence.

John joined our team as Vice President of Brand Strategy in early 2013 and has been a driving force behind the elevation and continued expansion of our brand research/strategy practice. He has had an equally significant and positive impact behind the scenes, as his experience and judgment have informed key management, professional development, and innovation initiatives.

John is the personification of ‘real-world branding.’ Prior to joining Finch Brands, he spent over a decade at Campbell Soup, standing out in both brand management and consumer insights capacities. His professional personality has been forged in the crucible of an operating role in a brand-driven environment, which enables him to help our clients build and grow durable brands – from idea to shelf, strategy to creative, innovation to brand extension.

As Charles Darwin demonstrated, change is the only constant. This is true at Finch Brands, and we work very hard to make sure our own evolution results in an ever-stronger company for our clients and our team. Recent months have seen the introduction of exciting new services and the addition of incredible professionals such as Jess Koffman and Mary Hanna.

John’s promotion continues in the same vein – change happens no matter what, so we might as well make it good!

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