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The Winds of Change

August 19, 2015

Some may know that our company name is inspired by the research of Charles Darwin on the beaks of finches in the Galapagos Islands – this led to the theory of natural selection, and acts as a metaphor for our belief that the best companies are those who successfully adapt to perpetual change. With such an origin story, Finch Brands should be well positioned to respond to change in our world, yes?

The purpose of this post is to share news of major changes on the creative side of our business. Jordan Goldenberg, who has led our creative team since the company’s beginning, will be stepping away from day-to-day leadership. After a 17-year career at what has basically been one company, it is time for Jordan to move on to his second job.

He has earned the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to serve as CMO/Creative Director of Scholly, a compelling and visible startup, and the darling of Shark Tank fans everywhere. Theirs is a great story at an important time – helping kids afford higher education and/or emerge from college without crushing loan debt. We’re proud that Jordan is taking up this fight.

This move is a perfect fit for the businessperson Jordan has become. Mission-driven, contemporary, ready to transition from product to brand – Jordan will build the Scholly brand in a moment of tremendous opportunity.

We hosted Jordan on the most recent episode of the Real-World Branding podcast – using that medium to celebrate his tenure and share his unique insight. He will continue as a partner in the company and serve as Creative Director Emeritus. Although we have Jordan all day every day until month’s end, we will miss seeing him each day after – his ability, humor, and inspiration are an important part of what Finch Brands is.

With change comes opportunity. In that spirit, we have placed Jessica Koffman as Finch Brands’ new Creative Director, starting Monday, August 24th. She has been a situational partner since 2011 and we’re so pleased to make this relationship permanent.

Jess is the quintessential Finch — with both formative real-world experience alongside the curiosity and energy of the best agency creative leaders. She has spent time on the brand team at Target in Minneapolis and, in her agency life, has driven creative brand development and management for brands such as FiveBelow (from the ground-up), Build-A-Bear, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and well beyond. Her experience extends across consumer products retail, technology, B2B, and non-profit.

In addition to Jess’s arrival, we have promoted Scott Richards to Associate Creative Director. Scott has been a driving creative force at Finch since 2007 and we’re excited to bring him out front a bit more! Our clients will find that he, like his work, is intuitive, inspired, high energy, and relentlessly curious.

Bittersweet this is — we are so proud of Jordan and also deeply proud of what Finch Brands has become…and is becoming. In the coming weeks, we look forward to introducing Jess and Scott and also celebrating what Jordan has meant to us.

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