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Ninth (of Ten) Signs It’s Time to Switch Insights Community Providers

Welcome to Insights for Impact by Finch Brands. I’m John Ferreira, Chief Insights Officer at Finch Brands. And today we’re going to talk about sign number nine that it may be time to switch your insights community providers. And that’s tech that’s overly complicated.


The Risks of Complicated Insights Technology

When I say overly complicated tech, that can take many forms. The number one way that we see this is when you have a core technology platform, but it’s very limited in what it can do by itself.

It needs many different third-party plugins to be able to function. The effect of this is it can impact how easy or difficult the tool is to use for you and new community members to use. It also affects the learning curve for new team members.

I’ve even spoken to some researchers who are clients of some of these different providers and within their companies.They even have to write a separate SOW if they want to do a different type of study with a different type of methodology that uses a different type of tool that’s not natively turned on within the platform.

Leverage Our Technologies for Cutting-Edge Research

At Finch Brands, we take a different approach. We seek to set the standard for native functionality within insights, community, and technology. This allows us to perform seamless, cutting-edge quantitative and qualitative research.

That’s a great experience for you if you’re doing any DIY in the community with us. It’s also a great experience for the community members themselves. If you can dream it, the chances are we can do it. It can all feel smooth within the technology platform.

If you have any frustrations about the technology in your community or your community partner, Finch Brands can help.Contact us today and send me a message on LinkedIn – I’d love to connect.

About The Author: John Ferreira

John Ferreira is Finch Brands’ Chief Insights Officer. Prior to joining us, he spent a decade at Campbell Soup Company in a mix of consumer insights and brand management roles. John is an expert across the entire research stack, with passion for communities, new technologies/methodologies, and how to bring insights to life.

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