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Eighth (of Ten) Signs It’s Time to Switch Insights Community Providers

May 20, 2024

Welcome to Insights for Impact by Finch Brands. I’m John Ferreira, Chief Insights Officer at Finch Brands. Today, we’re going to talk about sign number eight that it may be time to switch your insights community provider – and that’s limited respondent profiling.


The Downsides of Limited Respondent Profiling

Essentially, limited respondent profiling is the idea that what your insights platform stores about individuals is very limited. This includes data like age, gender, income segment.

You have to ask some of these questions over and over again in the community to have it associated with each survey or piece of research. What that creates is a bad respondent experience.

Oftentimes, many of these different pieces of software that are limited also can’t store behavioral appended data. If you’re recruiting off your own list and you know all this information about your respondents already, you can’t connect that to your insights community primary research data.

All these factors are great limitations in the coming age of AI analytics. The value of insights communities has been your speed to answer and speed to insights. It’s still that today. It’s still that in the future. But it’s also increasingly the value of the cumulative data and knowledge that you have within the community itself.

Apply AI to Insights Community Research

AI tools are on the verge of making this insights community data one of the most valuable assets in your organization. If your partner has limited technology when it comes to respondent profiling, you may end up missing the boat or being late to the party when it comes to AI and how you can apply that to research in your organization.

If this might be lacking in your community today, Finch Brands can help. Contact our team today and shoot me a message on LinkedIn. I’d love to connect!

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