70-90% of mergers and acquisitions fail to create value. Branding for M&A helps set companies up for success.

Mergers and acquisitions have long been a key strategy for businesses across the globe. It’s unfortunate that in reality, the majority of these decisions fail to create value for organizations.

Many factors contribute to failed M&A, yet the keys to success often rely on less tangible factors than on just financials or operational integration. In the wake of the countless complex decisions that the leadership team is required to make before, during, and after a merger, the core brand choices are often rushed and poorly planned.

Finch Brands has created a framework for defining optimal brand architecture strategies following M&A activity to help clients realize the full potential of these integrations.

Key Principles

Branding sends a signal

In an M&A situation, brand strategy is a principal symbol of the business strategy – a declaration of what the world should expect from the new entity.

Internal and external concerns

Brand architecture choices send signals to three stakeholder groups: the customer, the team, and outsiders (investors, partners, etc.). It is important to consider what brand choices say or don’t say.

The right choice is situational

The right M&A brand architecture approach is situational, based on both the business strategy and nature of existing brand equities.

The process is difficult

With many factors to consider and a lot of emotion clouding these decisions, it is often difficult for teams to be objective when making brand choices. Working with an objective expert allows for the right business decision to come through.

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With 70-90% of mergers failing to create value, this decision carries significant weight. One thing has been abundantly clear throughout – the right brand architecture approach is situational.

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