Insights Communities Have Gone Mainstream

Greenbook cites insights communities as the #1 emerging methodology in the world of market research. Why? Because they are more flexible, agile, and powerful than traditional market research methods.

In the past, brands have relied on slow, inefficient, and disconnected phone and online surveys, interviews, and in-person focus groups to inform how to move their brand forward. Now, with the power of online insights communities you have access to your own private research group that’s an agile, always-on, insights HUB. It allows you to create interconnected research studies putting the consumer or customer at the center of your decision making. The longer your community runs, the more you can profile what really matters to your target audience.

Large Brands Using Online Insights Communities
Large Brands Using Online Insights Communities - Source: Grit Report

Strengths of Online Insights Communities

No longer do you have to choose between fast results and data-rich informed decisions. You can enjoy the best of both worlds with faster decision-making from richer data with online insights communities.

Insights communities also pave the way for low-risk decision-making. They change your focus from reactive to proactive planning, meaning you’re better prepared for the expected and unexpected.

But here’s the biggest benefit: online insights communities help turn a deeper understanding of your target audience into a competitive advantage—all for a lower cost than traditional market research.

Common Provider Limitations

Legacy market research providers often fall short of the insights of community methodology.

Finch Brands is different—we created the insights community solution that we wished we had when we were on the client side ourselves at companies like Campbell Soup and Kimberly-Clark. Our FinchSight insights community offering is designed to address the top pain points that corporate market researchers experience when working with other leading insights community providers.

Insights Communities Impact the Whole Business

Consumer/Customer Profile Insights

  • Ethnographies
  • Journals
  • Longitudinal Studies
  • Advance Persona Research
  • Path to Purchase
  • Brand Perception Research
  • Customer Experience Analysis
  • Competitive Brand Studies

Innovation & Product Development Insights

  • White Space Exploration
  • Concept Testing & Optimization
  • Product Naming
  • Home Use Testing
  • Packaging Studies
  • Innovation Sprints

Marketing Insights

  • Advertising Campaign Testing
  • Pricing & Promotion
  • Media Consumption
  • Social Media Behavior
  • Influencer Exploration
  • Advertising Copy Testing

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