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Finch Brands was founded in 1998 by executives instrumental in the ascent of IKEA and David’s Bridal. Their vision was to create the firm they could never find when they were in our clients’ shoes—an end-to-end brand development and management powerhouse that seamlessly delivers breakthrough brand strategy and irrepressibly creative design.

To accomplish this, we have brought together leaders from brand-first organizations like Campbell Soup Company, Kimberly-Clark, M&M Mars, Subway, Target, Unilever, and Urban Outfitters. These experiences make us a better, more instinctive partner—and we put this hard-earned experience to work for clients across categories and all along the growth track.

Brands We’ve Grown

Where We’re From

Why the Finch?

Upon the exit of a founder in 2007, the company now known as Finch Brands conducted a naming process with ourselves as the client. We have always used the theory of evolution as a metaphor to describe what we do – brands that adapt to the changing environment not only survive, they thrive.

As the theory of natural selection was drawn from research Darwin conducted on the beaks of finches in the Galapagos, the name Finch Brands was born. We draw our name from the forces that shape the natural world to help our clients succeed in the real world.

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