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Seventh (of Ten) Sign It’s Time to Switch Insights Community Providers

May 1, 2024

Welcome to Insights for Impact by Finch Brands. I’m John Ferreira, Chief Insights Officer at Finch Brands. Today, we’re going to talk about sign number seven it may be time to switch your insights community partner. That’s when your partner lacks cutting-edge research tools within the community.

Gain Better Research Insights with Survey Technologies

Communities are a great way to move fast with simple surveys and video focus groups. But communities today can move fast while allowing you to go broad and deep to truly understand your target audience.

A leading insights provider should be able to do this natively within the platform without a million different plugins or services that you need to subscribe to separately. Things within the survey like heat mapping, hot spotting, uploading videos within a survey, MaxDiff, and more.

Mobile missions allow you to document consumer customer journeys showing people doing real things in the real world with video and photos. Also, user experience research is a great thing to do in insights communities today. That can be live-moderated. That can be task-based screen recorded on desktop or mobile.

Leading platforms should be able to do that. Journals as well. If you want to document an experience that unfolds over time, you can have your target audience upload video, photos, text to document that daily and weekly experience.


Collect Valuable Survey Feedback with AI

We have a new tool at Finch Brands within our communities called AI Conversations that allows you to start with a pre-program guide. Then, our AI intelligence allows the conversation to follow personalized trees that narrow down to open-ended feedback for respondents that’s very personal to them. You get feedback that’s far richer than you would get through a conventional survey with open ends.

That’s our latest tool with many more to come. If these types of tools are lacking in your community, then Finch Brands can help. Contact our team today and send me a message on LinkedIn. I’d love to connect!

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