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Better, Simpler Consumer Research

April 14, 2015

There is a time to listen and a time to lead when it comes to consumer insights. Well-timed, well-crafted research should support decision-making rather than overwhelm it – brand managers and business builders must not succumb to paralysis by analysis or abdicate the responsibility for vision.

We find, however, that – with the exception of certain political candidates and the largest, most plodding companies – most organizations have too little, rather than too much, consumer data. The voice of the consumer is essential in identifying unmet or emerging needs, choosing what to prioritize, determining how/what to communicate, and ensuring confidence before big bets are made.

We often find that the middle market may invest in consumer research in particularly high leverage situations, but that companies do not generally possess a consistent flow of insight even as they face a consistent need for decisions. This may be due to budget constraints or these organizations may have simply not institutionalized a role for research – either way, the Finch Brands Consumer Insight Community is our solution.

At its center is a web-based, flexible, customized research hub – to which consumers are invited and from which all research endeavors originate. Surveys, journals, digital focus groups, and beyond – tried and true methodologies and innovative approaches live together in this community.


Using the Finch Brands Digital Insight Community, our clients:

– Save 30-40% over custom research – because the community is comprised of a large and stable panel of consumers, there is no need to re-recruit every time, nor do our clients need to invest in all of the logistical elements over and over again.

– Get research into the field in almost real time – the community is already formed and the platform built, which means the time from perceived need to deployment is only as long as the time it takes to develop the instrument.

– Deploy an innovative mix of research methodologies – the platform enables all kinds of research interactions, from traditional surveys and moderated sessions, to ethnography, journaling, and just about any method of observation and data collection. In addition, because the community works with any mobile device, we can use stores and live product as stimulus.

– Access the wisdom of Finch Brands – the Finch Brands Consumer Insight Community is not a do-it-yourself solution; rather, our team manages the community, counsels clients on the research calendar, builds the approach, analyzes the data, and applies what we’ve learned to the client’s business context. 

Below is a series of videos in which key members of our team discuss the details of the Finch Brands Consumer Insight Community in a bit greater depth. We hope you enjoy.

Bill Gullan, President

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