Over the past couple weeks, we’ve broken our M&A Branding Playbook into sections – today’s episode is a full audio version of the Playbook! This represents our compendium of best practices for how to define and execute key branding choices in the wake of M&A activity. If you like our podcast, please subscribe and share with your colleagues, friends, and family.


Sadly, this is the final section of our M&A Branding Playbook podcasting journey. We hope you enjoyed our audio version of the Playbook and have a deeper insight into what drives M&A success from a branding perspective. If you enjoy our podcast, please give us a rating and subscribe.


In this episode, we continue with Part 2 of the M&A Branding Playbook. This section is packed with tips and tricks for how to navigate the branding process by listening well and documenting key decisions. If you’re enjoying the Playbook and our podcast, please subscribe and give us a follow on Twitter – @finchbrands or @billgullan.


Today we are shaking things up here at Real-World Branding – a dramatic reading of our very own M&A Branding Playbook. Broken down into three easy-to-consume episodes, please enjoy Part 1. If you like our podcast, please subscribe.


Today on Real-World Branding, we hear from Phil Rubin of Therabreath. Tune in to hear about his career journey, how the Therabreath brand got started and where it is today, and what it takes to build a brand that is disruptive yet authentic. If you like our podcast, please subscribe!


Today, we discuss Aimee’s background, the super-interesting Endless Pools brand and business, how they invented a category, built a portfolio, navigated COVID, and are strongly positioned in the home wellness marketplace. Watkins Wellness is the world’s leading manufacturer of hot tubs/spas and maker of aquatic fitness products. If you like our podcast, please subscribe!


Today on Real-World Branding, Darren Sudman, CEO of Unless Agency, joins us! We chat Darren’s background, how a personal tragedy shaped his professional path, and what he’s building at Unless. Unless is a creative agency promoting cause marketing, focused philanthropy, and mission building. If you like our podcast, please subscribe!


Today on Real-World Branding, we have Founder & CEO of Amazi Foods, Renee Dunn. We talk about how Renee started her company after leaving her job and boarding a plane back to Uganda, purpose-driven snacks, and doing good in business.


Today on Real-World Branding we have Aishah Hunter of sweetgreen, who oversees HR functions for the company’s east coast locations. We learn about her career journey and path to sweetgreen, what sweetgreen has done to support the safety of their teams during COVID-19, and the role of frontline people in shaping exceptional brand experiences for customers. If you like our podcast, please subscribe!


Today on Real-World Branding we have Abbey Schoenberg, Director of Marketing at Fancy.com. Abbey has spent the past 12 years building direct-to-consumer brands, crafting campaigns, programs, and strategies to drive brand love and generate growth. From launching new stores and product lines at Forever 21 to leading the global digital brand team at Oakley to driving a direct-to-consumer shift at Contiki. If you like our podcast, please subscribe!


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