Mark Johnson is Chief Communications and Marketing Officer at Davidson College, a highly selective liberal arts college in Davidson, North Carolina​. Mark takes us through his fascinating and diverse career — from journalism to government to cultural institutions to higher ed — and tells the story of the new #DavidsonTrue campaign. If you like our podcast please leave us a rating and subscribe!


Steve is an accomplished senior executive with a proven history of driving revenue, cultural, and operational improvements at both startups and more mature organizations. With over 25 years in marketing, technology, and sales leadership roles, Steve provides a comprehensive perspective on how to bring about change within an organization. Shipley Energy uses their energy and services expertise to make a positive impact on your everyday life and the community you call home. If you like our podcast please leave us a rating and subscribe!



Amy Errett, Founder and CEO of Madison Reed, leads an omnichannel beauty brand that is redefining the hair color space. Amy’s multifaceted career has ranged from founding/operating companies, to investing in startups, to non-profit and philanthropic leadership. If you like our podcast, please subscribe!



It’s hard to avoid because everyone seems to be talking about customer-centricity. They talk about it through a variety of lens in a variety of ways, but there seems to be a prevailing sense across functions and industries and sizes that everybody is trying to get more customer-centric, whatever that means. And so, we’re here to demystify that a little bit today and I’ve enlisted a couple of our foundational thought leaders, so John Ferreira who’s our SVP of Insights & Innovations and Tim DeGennaro who’s our AVP of Insights Community are going to speak about customer-centricity today and some of the ways that we are helping our clients become more customer-centric and reap the benefits in terms of love and affection as well as business performance.


Tune in today on Real-World Branding Podcast for the Northeast Regional Urgent Care Association Conference’s Branding Keynote. Bill Gullan, President of Finch Brands, walks through the foundations of branding and what makes a great brand. If you like our podcast, please subscribe!


As Founder and President of InnerView, Chris builds upon previous success as the founder and CEO of Incite, a sales consulting and coaching practice, and his more than 15 years of sales, marketing and corporate leadership. InnerView is a marketing consulting firm established to help companies reach and influence their most critical audiences – the people and partners that represent their brand. Tune in this week to learn more about Chris’ journey and InnerView. If you like our podcast, please subscribe!



Jessica Holtz from Creative Artists Agency joins us today on Real-World Branding. Jess leads the team representing the off-court interests of such NBA stars as Chris Paul, Paul George, and Joel Embiid. If you like our podcast, please subscribe!



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