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Philly Face Off – National Donut Day

June 3, 2016

When it comes to food, Philadelphia is probably best known for the Philly Cheesesteak, but any native Philadelphian will tell you that we’ve got a lot more to offer than that. Today is National Donut Day, and like many around this fair city, we have launched a fiery internal debate on where to get Philly’s best donut. It may sound nuts, but here at Finch, we are dead serious about this hole topic [pun intended].

Throughout our debate, it became clear that there is as deep a rivalry among donut shops as there is between Pats and Geno’s. We have the Federal Donuts devotees on one side, who prefer the old-fashioned style donuts with a wealth of unique flavor combinations, versus the Beiler’s Bakery bunch, who can’t get enough of Reading Terminal Market’s sweetest shop.

How does one settle this debate? As longstanding practitioners of market research, Finch Brands settled on an office-wide taste test, of course. We fanned out and returned with donuts from Federal Donuts, Beiler’s Bakery, and Dunkin – as every experiment needs a control group sprinkled in.

FullSizeRenderOur team put the donut powerhouses to the test and we concluded the following:

Jenna: Federal
Devon: Federal
Katri: Beiler’s
Jess: Federal
Annette: Beilers
Ana: Federal
Steve: Federal
George: Federal

Federal Donuts may have taken the day, but the real winners are the Finch team (who got to sample over 18 donuts in one standing), plus, the City of Philadelphia, where every citizen has the right to indulge in the sweet freedom of donut heaven every day of the year. The data speaks for itself, but there’s always opportunity for a rematch next year.

Notable Quotes of the Day:

“It tastes like a sugar bird pooped in my mouth”

“The guava tastes like lip gloss, but I kind of like that.”

“I could definitely eat a few more boxes of that one.”

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