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jordan goldenberg

creative director emeritus

Jordan is a partner in the company, an inspiration and sounding board for the team, and counselor to select clients.

Jordan serves as Chief Marketing Officer/Creative Director for Scholly, a high potential and visible emerging business focused on higher ed affordability. He was the creator of Finch Brands’ design capability, ever since the meteoric rise of his creative agency, fabGORGON, was folded into Finch Brands in 2003. Along the way, he built a reputation as one of the industry’s foremost creative minds. Jordan delivers on the promise of Finch Brands’ holistic approach to building brands and businesses through inspired design and flawless execution of strategically informed and creatively surprising concepts. His unfailing commitment to creative excellence contributed to Finch Brands’ impressive roster of successful brands and resulted in numerous accolades from clients and peers alike.

I used to be an avid scuba diver before I had one of those “kid” things.

Finch Brands, 123 South Broad Street, Suite 2150, Philadelphia, PA, 19109, Phone: 215.413.2686