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Honing in on geeking out.


ThinkGeek, a leading eCommerce brand for the geek in all of us, engaged Finch Brands to study and progress the brand aesthetic and baseline story. The company was in transition — seeking the reassess core principles from Vision and Mission through identity and into go-to-market strategy.


Geekdom has changed since the early days of ThinkGeek. What used to be a very contained badge of intelligence and tech prowess has become more about sharing passions. Their previous tagline “Stuff for Smart Masses” did not capture what it means to be a geek in 2014 — instead, Finch Brands created “Join In. Geek Out.” The use of geek as a verb brought energy and inclusivity to the brand while remaining true to its lightly subversive core — while not everyone self-identifies as a “geek,” we all have our geek moments when we find something about which we are passionate. Refining the Vision and Mission, as well as writing a brand manifesto and defining brand personality and positioning, led to the realization that it was time to update the brand identity and tagline. Beyond identity, Finch Brands also redesigned packaging and shipping materials, and developed a brand book that is passed out to every employee and details who ThinkGeek is and for what the company stands.


This project turned into a full-scale strategic and creative rebranding — providing this high profile, publicly traded company with a contemporary sense of self and clear direction on how to progress. We extended the relationship into perfecting their product development funnel via efficient and well-timed consumer insights. At the time the brand re-launched, ThinkGeek’s stock was trading at $11 per share. Less than a year later, in July of 2015, the company was acquired by GameStop at $20 per share.

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