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Creating a memorable experience "For You."


As a rapidly growing retailer, Saxbys Coffee engaged Finch Brands to help identify and express their brand personality and positioning. Operationally inclined, Saxbys has always been focused on opening stores, attracting franchisees, and training staff — the time had come to put forth a distinctive message and deliver it consistently across their network of coffee cafés. Complicating this was the need to manage the brand across franchisees, the importance of conveying a local community feel in every location, and the pace of such an entrepreneurial endeavor.


Core to the progression of the Saxbys brand is the realization that Saxbys is not in the coffee business, but in the people business. Our collaboration includes many highlights — from the development of a standard Grand Opening playbook to ensure strong opens to the evolution of the way the brand looks and feels to the inclusion of a locally crowdsourced Instagram mural as a design feature in most locations. The brand’s positioning is simple – it’s a more local and friendly place than the giant, corporate coffee chains but with more consistency in product and atmosphere than the mom and pop coffee shops. With this in mind, Finch brought the core positioning to life via the consumer facing tagline, “Saxbys for You.” This tagline creates a personal connection with each customer and their community. Finch Brands then brought scale to the personal and localized approach, thinking through each customer touch point as a unique opportunity.


The result of the work is a “variable consistency” that brings cohesion on a large scale while methodically identifying opportunities to bring the message down to a local and personal level. The company has become a high-profile juggernaut — ever more financially successful and beloved by consumers. Accomplishments from our work together include Saxbys’ best Grand Openings ever, the return to profitability of key locations back under corporate control, and extremely strong financial performance.

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