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Diagnosing "The Difference."


With major growth aspirations in New England and beyond, Urgent Care of Connecticut approached Finch Brands to overhaul the brand identity and marketing look and feel. As one of many urgent care practices in a booming market, they sought to separate themselves from the competition and position their brand for expansion. The founding team, who came from an ER medical background, had joined forces with leading private equity investment – and it was time to build a durable and expansive brand.


Our research defined a strong need for a position that emphasized doctor quality, a message carried through the new name, logo, and materials. The core insight that led to the new name and logo was that consumers appreciate the convenience benefits of urgent care, but won’t buy in unless clinical excellence comes through. The new name suggests the importance – to the company and market – of doctor quality, with the “Urgent Care” descriptor conveying the convenience inherent in this emergent medical services sector. We worked to build out a tight, fully integrated brand concept – from identity to corporate materials to signage/experience to digital and traditional marketing.


PhysicianOne Urgent Care now possesses a contemporary, strong brand platform with which to grow the business. In recent months, the company has continued to gain traction, even garnering the attention of The New York Times. PhysicianOne has rapidly grown into an eight-clinic operation and the future looks bright.

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