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Herman Miller

A modern classic, reinvented.


For over 80 years, Herman Miller has been, and continues to be, one of the most respected and successful names in furniture. Over the years, Finch Brands has supported the company through many key initiatives, including better defining the corporate sales channel, crafting key elements of a small business launch and driving the strategy of Herman Miller Retail, the consumer-facing division. This specific project required that we clearly identify the new division’s target consumer to drive stronger product, distribution, and marketing development.


By identifying consumer archetypes, we focused our research on the “mobile worker” and the blurred lines between home and workplace productivity. We discovered a trend that indicated a sizable number of people complete some or all of their work-related duties in a home office setting and seek furniture that blends the functionality of task completion with the inspiration of home décor. Finally, we organized a robust delivery strategy and built a direct-to-consumer business platform through existing distribution channels, a new cross-branded relationship with Costco, eCommerce capabilities, and a future Herman Miller branded flagship retail location.


Through an aggressive and clarified brand strategy, we helped Herman Miller Retail strengthen and expand its distribution of the classic mid-Century inspirations of Eames, Nelson and Noguchi. The division has enjoyed regular increases in gross revenue and a disproportionately large profit contribution to the company.

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