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China Grill Management

The world on a plate.


After redefining dining over the last two decades with leading restaurants such as China Grill, Asia de Cuba, and Red Square (to name a few), Jeffrey Chodorow’s China Grill Management (CGM) was ready to unify the distinct and diverse members of their culinary empire under one brand umbrella. Their question: how could this be done while maintaining their restaurants’ individual personalities?


We created a modern and interactive brand experience that extended the umbrella across a central web hub and multiple print platforms to offer functional, versatile and elegant marketing tangibles for the CGM brand.


We’ve succeeded in helping CGM evolve with a consistent identity and a strategic plan for the future that lets them leverage one thriving location after another. As their brand agency of record since 2002, we’ve facilitated CGM’s launch of over a dozen new locations in multiple markets.

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