Customer Insights Community

the situation.

In today's hyper-competitive, fast paced world, putting the customer at the center of key business decisions is more important than ever. Unfortunately, traditional research is both slow, and expensive, costing you too much money and too much valuable time.

the solution.

Introducing Customer Insights Communities by Finch Brands. Backed by cutting edge digital research tools and managed by our experienced team of brand strategists, your community gives you the voice of your customers on-demand, year-round. Now you can make better informed decisions at the speed of your business.

  • Save 30%-40%
    versus custom
  • Get key questions
    into the field
    almost in real time
  • Deploy an
    innovative mix
    of research
  • Access the
    analytical &
    business building
    wisdom of the
    Finch team

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  • Great for concept testing,
    ad testing & more

    Distribute to the whole community
    or specific target groups

    Include pictures of Videos for stimuli

  • Great for open innovation
    and idea marketing

    Users can post their own ideas
    or vote and comment yours

    Include videos and images
    from mobile phones, tablet,
    or computer

  • Great for concept testing,
    ad testing, brainstorms, and more

    Include images and video —
    uploaded by respondent or moderator

    Create pre-loaded questions
    and add questions on the fly

  • Respondents complete all questions
    before seeing other respondents

    Inline commenting allows for moderator
    probing and peer-to-peer response

    Images and video may be included
    in moderator questions or
    customer responses

  • Great for shop alongs, in-home
    ethnography, diaries, trackers, and more

    Send customers out on assignments
    in the real world

    Easily collect any type of data ascross
    devices (surveys, text, images, video)

research made simple.

  1. Insight Needed

    • Product/service ideas
    • Product/service concept testing
    • Product/service optimization
    • Claims testing
    • Package testing
    • Pricing studies
    • Website feedback
    • Advertising testing
    • Trend tracking
    • And more...
  2. Ask Questions

    • Online surveys
    • Virtual focus groups
    • Live chats
    • Ideation sessions
    • Journals
  3. Get Answers

    • Current customers
    • Prospective customers

how it works.

Finch Brands:

  • Creates the online research community
  • Creates an incentive structure for members
  • Plans and programs all reasearch initiatives (build instruments, moderate sessions, etc.)
  • Analyzes all research initiatives and delivers
    actionable recommendations

Base Stucture of Work:

  • Baseline assumes 12 research interactions over the course of a year with large-scale
    customer panel (thousands of people)
  • Additional interactions can be added at a later date based on opportunistic needs
  • We can invite participants to in-person sessions as need
    be with additional incentives