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In The Nest, you'll find a diverse team of Finches working together to activate the full potential of our clients' brands.

To accomplish this, our team members must be highly capable, organized, and engaged. As Darwin made clear, this requires our ecosystem to be a place in which we can all grow and thrive.

Finch Brands is a place where individuals can spread their wings, find joy, be challenged, practice our craft, expand our horizons, and make our work lives a fulfilling part of our whole lives.

Design Freelancer

Finch Brands’ is inviting a Freelance Designer to work with our core creative team on an as-needed basis with the possibility to extend into something more. This person will touch a spectrum of creative projects from marketing collateral to brand identity to digital design.

In this role, the Freelance Designer will need to be comfortable starting with a strategic directive and advancing design to the point where s/he is leading the brand vision across multiple deliverables. This role is mid-level (a minimum of 3-5 years of professional design experience) and is ideal for someone with a design background who is seeking flexibility and thrives in smaller studio environments where ordinary boundaries don’t apply.

Company Description

Finch Brands is a real-world brand consultancy. We exist to help brands win when it matters most. We do this by blending insight, intuition, and creativity to shape brand strategy and drive people to action.

Required Experience and Skills:
  • Develop and envision concepts that suit the business needs of a healthy range of clients
  • Show creative muscle inside the Adobe Creative Suite
  • Rely upon typographic sensibilities that can create ownable typography for our clients
  • Be able to both interpret and create brand guidelines, with passion for consistency and originality
  • Demonstrate familiarity with Sketch, Squarespace
  • Manage project milestones and estimate time required to achieve deliverables
Candidate Attributes:
  • Participate as a positive, productive part of a team but also be comfortable pursuing self-directed independent work
  • Nurture a natural curiosity regarding brands and business
  • Draw upon experience from more than one creative atmosphere, with flexibility and openness to change
If you share a relentless passion for results, we want to hear from you.

Interested candidates, please submit an online portfolio, resume and cover letter.

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