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In The Nest, you'll find a diverse team of Finches working together to activate the full potential of our clients' brands.

To accomplish this, our team members must be highly capable, organized, and engaged. As Darwin made clear, this requires our ecosystem to be a place in which we can all grow and thrive.

Finch Brands is a place where individuals can spread their wings, find joy, be challenged, practice our craft, expand our horizons, and make our work lives a fulfilling part of our whole lives.

Consumer Insights Coordinator

The Consumer Insights Coordinator position is responsible for supporting their team members with market research analysis and logistical support.

Consumer Insights Coordinators play a key role on their teams by assisting with data analysis/reporting, programming and managing online research activities, managing the logistics of qualitative research, and troubleshooting issues with respondents.

As a junior member of the team, this role gains exposure to a variety of real-world market research projects and approaches, expanding their market research knowledge and responsibilities over time.

Main research tasks:

  • Fielding and tracking research studies
  • Programming and QAing research instruments and deliverables
  • Performing quantitative and qualitative data analysis, data manipulation, response coding, charting with guidance of senior team members
  • Assisting with slide/report creation
  • Managing respondent and data quality
  • Moderating online research discussion boards
  • Researching and recommending fun (but informative) research studies to keep respondents engaged

Main logistical tasks:

  • Responding to and troubleshooting with research respondents via email
  • Tracking and projecting member engagement and reward/incentive costs
  • Recruiting/scheduling for online qualitative interviews/focus groups
  • Creating accounts and managing member data in our research platform

Company Description

Finch Brands is a real-world brand consultancy. We exist to help brands win when it matters most. We do this by blending insight, intuition, and creativity to shape brand strategy and drive people to action. Finch Brands was founded in 1998 by executives instrumental in the ascent of IKEA and David’s Bridal. Their original vision was to create the firm they never could find when they were in our clients’ shoes – an end-to-end brand development and management powerhouse that seamlessly delivers breakthrough brand strategy and irrepressibly creative design.

To accomplish this, we've brought together leaders from brand-first organizations like Campbell Soup Company, Kimberly-Clark, M&M Mars, Target, Unilever, and Urban Outfitters. These experiences make us a better, more instinctive partner–and we put this hard-earned experience to work for clients across categories and all along the growth track.

Required Experience and Skills:
  • As an entry-level role, 0-1 years of experience is required
  • Candidates will have recently received or be on the track toward a degree in Business/Management, Marketing/Branding/Advertising, Math/Statistics, or Sociology. Interest in market research, branding, innovation, and business is a must.
  • Proficiency in MS Word and MS Excel- including data manipulation, formulas, lookups, and formatting, and MS PowerPoint, including formatting and chart creation. Knowledge of SPSS, MarketSight, or other data analysis tools is not necessary, but is a plus.
  • Organization, initiative, and attention to detail are critical.
Candidate Attributes:
  • Self-starter mentality (Be a driver, not a passenger) with a strong bias for action
  • A growth-oriented mindset and willingness to move beyond their current comfort zone to develop new skills
  • A remarkable work ethic and superior attention to detail
  • An ability to learn new things quickly
  • Collaborates effectively and has coworkers backs
  • A natural curiosity regarding brands and business with a focus on delivering results
If you share a relentless passion for results, we want to hear from you.

Interested candidates should submit their resume and cover letter to info@finchbrands.com with the subject line "Consumer Insights Coordinator Application". For more information, please visit www.finchbrands.com.

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