Today on Real-World Branding, Sabrina shares insights from her career journey, how the Best Egg brand was built, and what they are doing in this peculiar moment to keep things moving for the team and their customers.As Chief Strategy Officer, Sabrina leads the development of the company’s customer-centric growth strategy. In addition, she is responsible for brand strategy, communications, consumer insights, and customer experience. Prior to joining Marlette, Sabrina spent over 20 years leading successful business development and marketing teams in large global banks and high growth start-ups.If you like our podcast please subscribe!



Today on Real-World Branding, Jamie Schrotberger (CEO of Spread Bagelry) discusses the brand they’re building and how COVID-19 has impacted their business.
With a strong background in finance, Jamie got to know the restaurant business through a financial lens before transitioning into operations and leadership as CFO for Garces Restaurant Group. His current role is as CEO of Spread Bagelry, a 5-unit and growing Montreal-style bagel business. With equal parts hospitality, quality, and operational excellence, Jamie takes us through the Spread story and plan. Additionally, he shares their approach to managing a retail business during this unpredictable time. If you like our podcast, please let us know and subscribe! 



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