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Jessica Koffman

Creative Director

Jessica is a driving force behind Finch Brands’ brand design work – as a leader, hands-on designer, writer, concept developer, and client advisor.

Jessica is the quintessential Finch — with both formative real-world experience alongside the curiosity and energy of the best agency creative leaders. She has spent time on the brand team at Target in Minneapolis and, in her agency life, has driven creative brand development and management for brands such as FiveBelow, Build-A-Bear, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and well beyond. Her extensive experience spans consumer products, retail, technology, B2B, and non-profit worlds. With a passion for providing multi-dimensional brand perspective, Jessica is constantly searching for effective yet unexpected ways for a brand to find its voice and express it compellingly to the right audience. Her creative charge leads to solutions that consistently communicate, deliver, and inspire.

I attract celebrities to weddings.

Finch Brands, 123 South Broad Street, Suite 2150, Philadelphia, PA, 19109, Phone: 215.413.2686