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george schwab

senior designer


George is a versatile designer and leader who effortlessly balances the practical with the inspired — he is a central driver of our creative output in both digital and traditional formats.


George brings to Finch Brands 8+ years of broad-based design experience, a professional and personal journey that has included home bases in Brooklyn, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. His brand development and creative skills have been applied in the service of artists, non-profits, and companies across categories and sizes — such as International Data Group, Sigma Co, and singer/songwriter Devendra Banhart. George holds degrees from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, and an MFA from CUNY Hunter College in New York.

I once drove straight from Philadelphia to Southern Georgia in one shot. I only stopped to fuel up. I made it in 13.5 hours.

Finch Brands, 123 South Broad Street, Suite 2150, Philadelphia, PA, 19109, Phone: 215.413.2686